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Saddleback Cellars
February 18, 2016 | Marketing | Saddleback Cellars

One of the Top Napa County Wineries Saddleback Cellars Announces Attendance at Zinfandel Experience Grand Tasting Event with Zinfandel Associates & Producers

Oakville, CA-based Saddleback Cellars have just announced they’ll be attending the Zinfandel Experience Grand Tasting hosted by Zinfandel Associates & Producers on February 27th. The Zinfandel Experience event brings together winemakers from over 150 wineries, including Saddleback Cellars in Napa County. The first public wine tasting will be hosted at Pier 27 on the Embarcadero, which offers stunning views of the bay area and surrounding landscapes.

The Zinfandel Experience has been celebrated over its 25-year existence. The varietal is enjoyed across the United States, and particularly in California where the wine is known for its subtle palate, quality, and versatility. Now, the team behind Zinfandel, the Organization of Zinfandel Associates & Producers is celebrating the 25-year history with their Zinfandel Experience event. It’s an event that brings together wine makers and wine lovers from across the country to sample the greatest wines created in recent years.

As representatives of one of the foremost wineries in Napa County, the team at Saddleback Cellars has announced they’ll be taking part in the Grand Tasting for the Zinfandel Experience event at Pier 27 on February 27th.  The event is the world’s largest single varietal wine tasting event and promises to be an exciting experience for wine enthusiasts from across the country. To learn more on the Zinfandel Experience, please contact the folks at Saddleback Cellars today at (707) 944-1305 or visit their business website directly at


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