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Michelle Gagne Ballard
December 13, 2018 | Michelle Gagne Ballard

Holiday Problems Solved: Santa Delivers Saddleback


Your Biggest Holiday Problems Solved | $20 flat shipping | Saddleback For All  

Happy Holidays from All of Us at Saddleback!

What a wonderful Harvest and Holiday season it's been! Now, from fielding your wine queries and quandries we have a set of wine solutions you'll want to act on: gift sets, case deals, drop shipping, and more. We're here to get you through to January 7 and beyond.

All online orders, big or small, 1 bottle to 200, qualify for
$20 flat-fee ground shipping through 1.1.19.
No Code Required. Applies at Checkout.

Last day to order to arrive by Monday, 24th: Sunday, Dec 16

♦ Entertaining ♦

A Gracious Welcome: Remember that when you walk in the door to any party, you should not be empty handed. Keep reliable standards on hand to grab & go. I find that leaving a few bottles secured in my car trunk has me ready to arrive anywhere, with a generous welcome. Our Sauvignon Blanc or Grenache are perfect for this -- easy drinking and friendly. Either if popped open will be sure to be gone with a kind comment: where did you find it?

When You're the Host: Our Vermentino is a winner to rev up your guests's palate and interest. The unusual varietal is not only a conversation starter -- it's delicious! On the red side, try our Three Ts -- silky and the one-of-a-kind blend that can't be one-upped! Thanks, Nils!

Hostess Gifts: Yes, it does verge on rude to suggest opening a wine you brought as a gift for your hostess! This is why you bring TWO bottles, and the chaming suggestion, "I thought we could open this one tonight, but this one is for you!" May we suggest the luscious Dessert Wine pair, that pleases even those who say they don't drink wine? 

Dinner Wine: Either you're responsible for setting it on the table or choosing what to pour, and when. It's why we make the Napa Valley Chardonnay and the Oakville Cabernet: paired or solo, these wines were built by Nils Venge to be the key ingredients to a genius meal: our Chard finds its happy place with seafood and cream sauces; our Cab may very well be a crown rib roast's best friend.

Event Wine: Pretty in Pink has been our mantra since we released our Freisa Rosé. You will not be sorry with this on hand for New Year's or any party. Get the case and split it up to use as your holiday welcome wine, and then your cocktail go-to Dec 31. To try: this version of a Daquiri, a "Rosaquiri": 2 oz Freisa Rose, 1 oz Rum, 1 oz Rose's Lime. Shake, serve up! 

The Gifts: As a vintage year, 2007 is a benchmark recognized by even casual wine-o's. If you're having a hard time finding a gift for a high-performing colleague, favorite family member on the opposite coast, or maybe even something to share with your adult kid who's just learning about the finer things, our 2007 Reserve Cab Magnum is ready to pop open and displays all the best things about serving an aged classic from Napa Valley. We've got a 2006 Oakville Mag available too. Plus, we've set up a few other gift sets that make fantastic expressions of your gratitude, love, joy, celebration and all that we celebrate this time of year.

If you have not checked out our Advent Calendar of Wine... it is a generous starter pack for anyone getting started: newlyweds, new clients, housewarming, rebuilding. Complete with descriptions and pairings, you'll not have the same wine twice! 

Plus, score $20 Flat-Fee Ground Shipping on any purchase!
No Code Required.

Start Shopping Online.  Give a call if you are in search of a specific wine/vintage or large-format that isn't listed here: 707.944.1305

     Advent Calendar of Wine  |  $2038 reg  |  $1732.30 sale (Posse/call) 

2013 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 3-Pack  |  $450 retail  |  $350 sale

     2014 Oakville Cabernet 2-Pack Gift Set  |  $150 retail  |  $130 sale

2013 Vintage Duo: Oakville & Reserve Cabernet 2-Pack Gift Set |  $225 retail  |  $188 sale

      2007 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon Magnum |  $370 retail  |  $296 sale

2017 Sauvignon Blanc Case Deal | $288 retail | $230 sale 12 bottles, $20 flat shipping

     2017 Freisa Rosé Case Deal | $336 retail  |  $235.20 sale 12 bottles, $20 flat shipping

2012, 13, 14 Oakville Cabernet Vertical Gift Pack  |  $225 retail

      2012, 13, 14 Reserve Cabernet Vertical Gift Pack  |  $450 retail

2006 Oakville Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon Magnum | $150 retail 

   2006 25th Anniversary Cabernet Sauvignon 750ml | $140 retail 

2006 25th Anniversary Cabernet Sauvignon Magnum | $280 retail 

    2011 30th Anniversary Cabernet Sauvignon 750ml  |  $140 retail  

2011 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 750ml  |  $140 retail  

    2011 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon Magnum  |  $280 retail  

2016 Napa Valley Chardonnay Magnum  |  $76 retail  

Order by 4 pm PST Sunday, Dec 16 to get ground shipping delivery by 12.24.18. Ship dates not guaranteed due to UPS/FedEx holiday flakiness. Offer ends 1.1.19. Additional Posse discounts apply at checkout as per item. Limited availability. Offer available until vintage is SOLD OUT, no substitutions.

Questions? 707.944.1305 / Winery. Call between 9a-4p PST 7 days. Saddleback is closed 12.25.18 and 1.1.19. 

*$20 Flat-Fee Ground Shipping on any online order of wine, no minimum purchase required. Posse get COMP ground shipping on 12 or more bottle purchases. Not Available in AK, HI, KY, MS, UT. Please email or call if ordering a quantity or you're interested in one of our 3-Liter bottles.

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Michelle Gagne Ballard
July 29, 2017 | Michelle Gagne Ballard

Saddleback Cellars Releases Napa Valley Icons Chardonnay and Zinfandel


Michelle Gagne Ballard

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July 29, 2017

Saddleback Cellars Releases Napa Valley Favorites         

35th Vintage, 2015 Napa Valley Chardonnay, and 2015 Old Vine Zinfandel Officially Hit the Market Today

Oakville, CA, July 29, 2017– With its annual open-cellar celebration, Saddleback Cellars of Napa Valley pops the corks on two new vintages of winery favorites: 2015 Old Vine Zinfandel and 2015 Napa Valley Chardonnay. It is the 23rd vintage of Zin for Nils Venge, winemaker, and 35th vintage of Chardonnay at Saddleback.

“I look forward to this party each year, and couldn’t be happier to share these wines as a couple of the best that Napa Valley has to offer. Let the celebration commence!” says Venge.

The Old Vine Zinfandel is unique in its American oak 16-month aging process, and noted balance of flavors. Crafted from the 96-year-old Frediani Vineyard in Calistoga, it’s limited availability has Zin lovers clamoring over each new release. Only 604 cases were made, and it can be found in limited distribution in approximately 20 states; it’s a staple of Saddleback’s Posse wine club, and also available for direct-to-consumer shipments.

Advance acclaim for the 2015 Napa Valley Chardonnay is also worth mentioning, to note:

2017 Best Chardonnay, DOUBLE GOLD, 96 pts: San Francisco Intl Wine Comp
91 points, Wine Enthusiast (March 2017)

A notoriously low-volume vintage year, Saddleback has limited stock of this phenomenal wine, less than usual: only 870 cases versus the usual 1200. Notable among Saddleback’s Chardonnay production techniques include the light and subtle use of French oak aging sur-lees for a period of nine months. The result is bright and pleasing, and as per its review in Wine Enthusiast, “flavors of green apple, pear and melon. Complex, easing into an elegant aftertaste shaded by light oak.”

 The official first public tastings of these two prized wines starts at 11 am open-house style for an entry fee (includes complimentary wine glass), on Saturday, July 29, at the winery’s cellar and vineyard estate, 7802 Money Road, just a ¼ mile off the Oakville Crossroad, in the heart of Napa Valley.


# # #

If you would like more information about Nils Venge, Napa Valley’s Saddleback Cellars, and other Saddleback vineyard lore, please contact Michelle Gagne Ballard at 707.944.1305 or email at


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