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Saddleback Cellars
November 3, 2015 | Saddleback Cellars

Family Owned Winery Saddleback Cellars Announce Owner Nils Venge Set to Visit Cuba for California Wine Symposium

Oakville, CA-based family-owned winery, Saddleback Cellars has recently announced that their owner Nils Venge will be attending the California Wine Symposium in Cuba from January 31 to February 3, 2016. The event, which is being organized in collaboration with California Wine Institute, The Napa Valley Vintners, and Sonoma Valley Vintners, will allow attendees to learn more on the wine industry in Cuba.

Wine is an important part of the culture in Cuba. But with limitations in trade with other countries, access to American wines has been limited across the country. With the warming relations with the United States, and with trade talks opening between the two countries, there is now an opportunity for Californian wines to be sent to Cuba for the locals to enjoy. This has led to the inaugural California Wine Symposium to take place in Havana, Cuba in 2016.

At the California Wine Symposium, attendees will have the opportunity to learn more on doing business in Cuba. They will learn about local wine products as well as the local marketplace. They will also have the opportunity to share their wines with local restauranteurs, sommeliers, hotel managers and chefs. Owner of the family-owned Saddleback Cellars Winery, Nils Venge will be in attendance and will be highlighting the company’s wines and the tempting flavors they will bring to the Cuban market.

To learn more on the California Wine Symposium, please contact the Saddleback Cellars Winery at 1 707-944-1305 or visit their business website at


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